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Beyond 40 Complete Chocolate
Beyond 40 Complete Chocolate
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The World’s First 7-In-1 Thermogenic Slimming Shake Specifically Designed To Boost Metabolism, Eliminate Hunger Cravings, Prevent Muscle Loss, & Increase Fat-Burning…

All While Tasting Like A Creamy, Delicious Dessert!

Beyond Complete is the quickest, easiest, most convenient way to give your body everything it needs to speed up your metabolism, curb your appetite, preserve precious lean muscle, and lose more stubborn fat in just a few seconds each day.

First, it tastes like a creamy, delicious dessert.

I mean REAL dessert.

Not some chalky, fake flavor.

Literally, it tastes JUST like dessert.

Second, it has all the protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and digestive enzymes that people beyond 40 need in a complete meal.

So it actually can REPLACE a meal when you’re in a hurry…

Or on the go…

Or getting intense cravings for something sweet.

Third, it fills you up and it’s guaranteed to satisfy even the most intense cravings…

It’s not like Chinese or Tai food that goes right through you, so you’re hungry 30 minutes later.

Fourth, it’s MORE filling and costs LESS than a happy meal at McDonald’s or a coffee at Starbucks…

So you’re not only getting 100x better nutrition than a drive-thru…

You’re also saving time and money.

Finally, if you’re anything like us, and you get tired of the same flavors every day…

Thankfully, there’s a recipe book with 33 amazing milkshake and dessert recipes that will help you mix up the flavors and tastes.

And if all that wasn’t enough…

When you use Beyond Complete you get WAY more than just a protein powder.

Beyond Complete is literally all you need to achieve your health and weight loss goals because it replaces SEVEN products — all in one delicious drink!

Now You Can Save Over $247 Every Month With
Beyond Complete Thermogenic Slimming Shake…

Here’s how…

1. Quadsource Protein Blend. Contains 23.5 grams of slow and fast-digesting protein. QuadSource is a mix of hormone-free whey, casein, pea, and cranberry seed proteins…

All working together to help you improve your metabolism, curb cravings and build the lean muscle mass that burns more calories.

2. Fiber Blend. The 3-fiber combination of Oat Fiber, Xanthan Gum, and Inulin Powder Agave makes dieting easier…

It does this by increasing the feeling of fullness, maintaining bowel health and controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

3. Spectra Blend. In every serving of Beyond Complete, you get the clinically studied Spectra, a powerful blend of 29 fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs…

Which will deliver targeted antioxidant protection against today’s most harmful free radicals. Spectra has also been shown to boost nitric oxide levels, which improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

4. Probiotic Blend. To maximize all of its nutrients, Beyond Complete is packed with a proprietary 6-strain blend of gut-soothing probiotics that promote better digestion and nutrient absorption.

You get 5 billion CFU/g with each serving, which can also help improve cholesterol levels and reduce bloating.

5. Enzyme Blend. This stack of six essential enzymes helps break down food properly so it can be efficiently used as energy.

When combined with the Fiber Blend and Probiotic Blend, Beyond Complete keeps your digestion smooth, enhances immune function, and helps you better digest nutrients.


To make Beyond Complete the ultimate fat burning meal replacement shake, it contains the essential amino acid L-leucine.

Difficult to get through a regular diet, L-leucine is vital in helping you minimize lean muscle loss — common while weight loss and aging. And it enhances your metabolism.

At just 200 calories per serving, Beyond Complete is also packed with vitamins, minerals, and 6 grams of MCT-rich coconut fat to further support a healthy lifestyle.

Included with every purchase you get instant digital access to our 33 Thermogenic Slimming Desserts and Smoothies.

So if you want to drop some pounds using a COMPLETE meal replacement shake that tastes like you’re cheating on your diet…

Select Add To Cart and start melting fat faster by drinking our 4 protein blend-thermogenic slimming shake!

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60 Day Guarantee 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Supports Weight Management Supports Weight Management
GMP Certified High-Protein, Low-Carb Meal Replacement
Supports Accelerated Fat Burning Supports Accelerated Fat Burning
Third Party Tested GMP-CERTIFIED

Beyond Complete Chocolate Reviews from Customers:
Teresa .  
Muscle gain and weight loss
Good very good

Beyond Complete Chocolate Questions from Customers:
Question from Edmund J.:
Why does it have corn syrup solids in it? Isn't corn syrup bad?
Answers (1)
Audrey from Beyond 40
Great question! Since it is an ingredient in an ingredient, there is only a small amount used to help make the shake creamier. We do recommend not consuming corn syrup as a main ingredient or in large quantities for any meal.

Question from Anna B.:
I am lactose introlant, cannot have milk
Answers (1)
Audrey from Beyond 40
At this time, Beyond Complete is not lactose-free. We do have a variety of other options that can help. You can email our support team at for recommendations!

Question from Patricia .:
Does it contain milk or caffeine
Answers (1)
Audrey from Beyond 40
Great question! Beyond Complete does not contain caffeine but it does contain milk.

Q: What is Beyond Complete?

Beyond Complete™ is a delicious high-protein, nutrient-infused, 7-products-in-1 thermogenic slimming dessert shake…

Beyond Complete 7 in 1 Formula

Scientifically formulated to help you replace a healthy meal…

All while managing weight, boosting daily calorie-burn, protecting muscle, and silencing hunger and cravings.

How does Beyond Complete work?

Each serving of Beyond Complete™ works by combining protein, the most thermogenic, filling, satisfying, metabolism-boosting macro-nutrient…

With SIX other supplements to help eliminate the headache of taking a half dozen supplements each day.

It can also replace an entire meal when you’re in a hurry, on-the-go, or when you’re being tempted to make an unhealthy choice.

What are the ingredients and amounts used in the formula?

Beyond Complete features over 20 grams of the slow and fast-digesting QuadSource™ Protein Blend including:

Hormone-free whey, casein, pea, and cranberry seed proteins…

All working together to help you feel fuller, longer… curb your cravings… and help you build and maintain lean body mass.

With just 8 grams of low-glycemic net carbohydrates, only 1 gram of sugar, 5 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of MCT-rich coconut fat…

It also includes today’s wildly popular probiotics for gut health…

Digestive enzymes to sooth your stomach and aid in absorption…

Immune-boosting vitamin D and magnesium…

Along with an evidence-based dose of L-Leucine to help build and maintain lean muscle beyond 40, 50 or 60 years old.

Supplement Facts

What is the best way to use Beyond Complete?

Add 2 scoops of Beyond Complete™ to 8-10 fl. oz. of ice cold water and mix vigorously until smooth.

We recommend using a blender with 4-5 ice cubes or a shaker bottle for best results.

You may also use other cold liquids like almond milk or coconut milk for a smoother, creamier texture.

To ensure an accurate serving size, please use the scoop provided with your product. Fill the scoop and tap the bottom 3 or 4 times to get the right amount.

How many servings are in each bottle?

There are 15 two-scoop servings per container.

How long do I have to use this product before I see results?

To ensure your success, it's critical that you use the product as directed, every day, and for a full 30 to 45 days to achieve the results you deserve and desire.

How does this apply to you?

If you're over 40 years old and you want to save the time, money, and headache of taking multiple supplements every day…

Or you’re finding it harder and harder to lose stubborn fat, or you're looking to protect your body from disease while fighting against aging, this product is for you.

Why should I use Beyond Complete?

Because it replaces seven products in one delicious shake…

Saving you from the hassle of dealing with multiple pills and powders each day.

For best results, a healthy weight-loss program should also include modest caloric intake, a healthy meal plan, and regular physical activity.

Should I keep taking Beyond Complete after I achieve my goal?


You may safely and confidently take Beyond Complete as long as needed to achieve your health and weight loss goals.

It’s specifically designed for the hormones and metabolism of any person in their 40s, 50s or 60s… even 70s and beyond.

Plus, it will continue to help you overcome the biggest obstacle of maintaining a healthy weight—adherence.

With Beyond Complete, you can rest assured you have everything you need to maintain the lean, healthy body we all so deeply desire.

Can I take this with other Beyond 40 supplements?

Even though Beyond Complete helps you get 7 supplements in one serving…

It can be taken with the full line of Beyond 40® supplements.

Does Beyond Complete contain caffeine or other stimulants?


Are there any allergy concerns with Beyond Complete?

Contains: Milk, Tree Nuts, Soy and Sunflower.

Is Beyond Complete soy-free?

No, but it has very little soy.

Is Beyond Complete dairy-free?

No, because it contains scientifically-backed doses of whey and casein protein–which are derived from dairy sources.

Is Beyond Complete vegetarian-friendly?

Only if dairy is allowed. This is a case-by-case basis.

If I have a medical condition, can I take Beyond Complete?

Beyond Complete is made with natural ingredients that are considered safe and effective for nearly everyone.

However, if you take prescription medications or have a medical condition, we recommend that you show a bottle to your physician for proper approval.

You can always return it later with our 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Can I take Beyond Complete while pregnant or nursing?

Prior to taking any nutritional supplement, those who are pregnant or nursing should consult with their physician.

What is the shelf-life for Beyond Complete?

Store for up to two years in a cool, dry place away from heat and light.

Refrigeration is not necessary but may be used if preferred; please note that if not properly sealed, moisture may cause clumping.

What is the best way to store Beyond Complete?

We recommend you store your Beyond Complete in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. This will extend the functional life of the ingredients.

Are there any adverse effects to taking Beyond Complete if you drink alcohol?

We have cited over 50 research papers preparing our formula and nothing indicates an interaction with wine or alcohol.

However, every person is different, so please consult your physician before making any decisions about supplements.

What flavors does Beyond Complete come in?

Beyond Complete is currently available in Chocolate Ice Cream and Vanilla Caramel flavors.

Where is the milk in this?

Whey and casein protein are proteins sourced from milk or dairy.

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